Boys Travel Teams

Fall Season games for Lighthouse Soccer Club Boys Travel Teams begin in September, and training for all fall teams is currently underway.

Lighthouse Soccer Club is always accepting new players but placement with a specific team depends on availability.

Registration fees are $175 for one player/family; discounted rates of $250 for two players/family and $300 for three players/family are automatically applied.




Lighthouse Soccer Club will field the following Boys Travel Teams in Fall 2017.

2017 Lighthouse Boys Travel Teams
Age Team Name Coaches Contact
2010 Lighthouse 2010 Steve Stackhouse  Email
2009 Lighthouse Gunners John Tonkin III  Email
2008 Lighthouse Brigade-08 Brendan Sullivan  Email
2007 Lighthouse Chaos Tom Kelly  Email
2006 Lighthouse United Jason DiMartino  Email
2005 Lighthouse Cyclones Mike McCusker/Frank Monaco  Email
2005 Lighthouse Arrows Kevin Denver  Email
2004 Lighthouse Rage Eric Gyuraki  Email
2003 Lighthouse Rangers Ted Westervelt/Anthony O'Neill/Jack O'Neill Sr.  Email
2002 Lighthouse 2002 Rich McCollick  Email
2001 Lighthouse Attack Mike Colfer  Email
2000-01 Lighthouse Blues Jack O’Neill  Email
2000-01 Lighthouse Azzurri Chuck Meissler  Email